Web Dev Deployment Trifecta

Why Separation is the Name of the Game In the realm of web deployment, there’s a trifecta that often gets bundled together: the Domain Registrar, DNS Server, and Web Hosting. While it might seem convenient to have them all under one roof, let’s dive into why separating these services is not just a smart move, … Read More

What is a ‘Link in Bio’ Page? And Why You Should Craft Your Own

Why settle for an external “link in bio” service when you’ve got your own digital real estate? This is a hill I will die on. It’s like letting someone else host your party. Creating a personalized ‘link in bio’ page on your domain isn’t just a traffic-retention game, it’s about brand authenticity. Delve into how … Read More

Advantages of Organic Marketing over Paid Ads

Eat organic and your digital marketing will be healthy! Nobody wants to be interrupted…….which is why I am passionate about organic marketing, whether it’s on your social platform or website. Paid ads online are the same as renting a billboard. They’ll get you some quick results, but once you stop paying, the traffic stops too. … Read More

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